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Voorbeeldrooster Vassiliki



SUP Taster
Yin & Yang Yoga
Slow and Stretchy
Welkomstmaaltijd (kosten)


SUP Taster
08:00 Begeleide fietstocht
08:00 Vinyasa Flow Yoga
09:15 Prop Pilates
10:10 Swiss Ball Fitness
11:45 Hatha Yoga
14:00 Cardio Pilates
15:15 Dancercise Fitness
16:30 Joint Freeing Series Yoga
17:45  Meditatie


SUP Taster
08:00 Snorkeladventure
08:00 Boxercise Fitness
09:15 Yin & Yang Yoga
10:30 Standing-to-Seated Pilates
11:00 Sailing Tasters
11:45 Hatha Yoga
15:15 Herstellende Pilates
16:30 Yoga Workshop
19:30  Barbecue met livemuziek en entertainment


08:00 SUP Social
08:00 Bootcamp fitness
09:15 Hatha Yoga
10:30 Joint Gentle Pilates
11:00 Sailing Tasters
11:45 Body Sculpt Circuits
14:30 Vinyasa Flow Yoga
16:00 Slow & Stretchy
17:15  Yoga Nidra


SUP Taster
Power Walk Pilates
09:30 Herbal Talk
10:30 Vinyasa Flow Yoga
11:45 Klassiek Pilates
14:00 Swiss Ball Fitness
15:15 Prop Pilates
16:30 Joint Freeing Series Yoga
19:30  Grieks feest met cocktails en livemuziek (kosten)


SUP Taster
08:00 Begeleide fietstocht
08:00 Hatha Yoga
09:15 Dancercise
10:30 Standing-to-seated Pilates
11:45 Boxercise fitness
15:00 Herstellende Pilates
16:15 Yin Yoga
17:30  Dream Seminar


SUP Taster
09:00 Vinyasa Flow Yoga
10:10 Bootcamp fitness
16:00 Klassieke Pilates
17:15  Meditatie

De exacte tijden van de lessen kunnen verschillen van week tot week, onder verbehoud van beschikbaarheid docenten

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Can you spare a minute to give our staff a very special thank you?

We hope you have got fond memories of your holiday (or for the really lucky: holidays!) out with us in Vassiliki. All the team at Wildwind – in Greece, Mauritius and our office staff -...

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